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The Character Expression Meme

Character: Jenny
Journal: [ profile] bitunlikely

.hurt..guilty..bored..laughing. love.

Snag yourself the coding here.
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Where'd you pick to travel to?
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Make up a title for a story I didn't write, and I will respond with details of those non-written stories. You may if you like include details, such as pairings or fandom or whatnot.
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Years go by fast.

Really fast!
14 May 2009 @ 10:49 am
So, it's kind of amazing how fast a year flies by. I created this journal initially as a joke, for my own amusement, to see what it would be like to RP someone with your name.

I didn't think it would stick. Or I'd have so much fun with it or meet all these awesome people that I have since playing her.

So, yeah. Thanks to everyone who's ever played with her. Thanks to those who have gifted this journal with random things. And thanks for making this past year so much fun.

Here's to another, I hope?
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Anyone want to play tag?

28 April 2009 @ 08:51 pm
From here:

This time, when Jenny had programmed the vortex manipulator, she had paid specific detail to every button and control. She held Jamie's hand tightly and then the world lurched around them.

Rather than arriving back in her shuttle, as she had planned, she and Jamie appeared a few rows down within the space station on Nevona 9. Her cheeks tinted rose in colour as she let go of Jamie's hand, now that their balance had stabled.

"I think I missed my target again."
28 April 2009 @ 07:26 pm
Write about a gift someone's given you.

She had stumbled upon the war by accident. The functions of the vortex manipulator remained new to her, having only used it once before to teleport back to her shuttle from Talyn Darc's hotel room. Jenny hadn't known how long the Time Agent would remain unconscious. Her blow to his head had been hard, but not nearly as hard as it once might have been. She had a choice, after all, to resort to other methods aside from violence. But in this case, she doubted she had much of one if she wanted to travel in time.

Her father had given her a taste of what it was like to manipulate that wonderful vortex, having reunited with him and travelling together for a time. But by that point, Jenny had grown too independent and wanted adventures of her own. So with a hug and a kiss and a promise to keep in touch, she had him drop her off at her shuttle. It had been abandoned for months and yet, no time at all. At that point, Jenny knew she couldn't wait until her next run in with her dad to travel through time again.

Meet Talyn had been a fortunate accident, or not so much of one. She knew of Time Agents by this point, knew the sort of man to look for. Seducing him was easy. He barely had time to explore her now naked chest before she purposely knocked him hard against the bed headboard.

And then, she had to run before he woke up and discovered that she had succeeded in slipping off his wrist strap. She still loved the running.

A week later, Jenny found herself in the midst of a battle field filled with humans from what she could only discern to be from some period of Earthian history. Some war that involved spears and bows and arrows and swords and men in rigid formations, rather than the firearms she was so used to. Jenny had only been playing with the device, trying to determine if there was a way to remove the vortex manipulator from the wrist strap. She hadn't meant to actually go anywhere.

The humans, she shortly found out, were called Romans and this planet Jenny had thought was Earth wasn’t. But more than that, perhaps the most important part of it all, was that her father had arrived here too. But the Doctor was not as she had ever seen him before. His eyes lacked the sadness she had seen in them when he looked at her; he was shorter and rounder, and far antsier than she remembered. They met while running from the Romans, Jenny , her young father, and his two human companions.

She had so many questions for him once her identity had been confirmed. Jenny knew a situation was at hand, the soldier in her yearned to participate in al l the battles. The easily excited girl, however, wanted only to know about him and the adventure they had all wound up on. There wasn’t time, though. She had forgotten how much her dad loved to run and every time Jenny laughed in exhilaration, she earned a strange look from the humans.

It was that same human, that boy who looked more and more flustered every time he looked at her, that saved her life in a barn located within what the Doctor called “the American Civil War.” Not all of the soldiers here had primitive weapons. She didn’t waste time to make herself handy with an MP44 as Zoe and the Doctor investigated the TARDIS-like structure in the barn. She hadn’t seen the soldier pointing his rifle straight at her, not until Jamie tugged her to the ground. The bullet ricocheted off a hay stack as Jenny landed on top of the boy. She laughed, smiled at him, and even stole a quick kiss before getting back to her feet.

They were accidentally abandoned, yes, but no one had ever saved her life before. Suddenly, Jenny looked at Jamie McCrimmon in a whole new light.

It was a feeling that broke her hearts when the Doctor told her she had to leave. He needed to summon the Time Lords to deal with the War Lord and all he had done. Jenny wanted to stay. She wanted to help him and Zoe and meet others of her race. She didn’t want to leave Jamie.

But she had seen that look in her dad’s eyes before, a look that had come over him when she had been dying in his arms on Messaline. If she stayed, for some inexplicable reason, she’d be harm. He couldn’t win an argument with his companions but, perhaps, he could win one with his daughter.

Reluctantly, Jenny wrapped her arms around him and promised to return to her time and place. It was easy to say goodbye to Zoe. But when it came time to say goodbye to Jamie, Jenny froze.

“Come with me,” she uttered, looking at him with the utmost sincerity. Jenny stole a glance towards the Doctor, her blue eyes now begging. “Please, Dad? Please can Jamie come with me?”

He straightened his suit jacket uncomfortably and looked from daughter to friend. A look passed between the two men and the Doctor nodded.

“It’s… it’s been a pleasure, Doctor,” Jamie responded as he clapped the Doctor’s hand and shook firmly. “I’ll take good care of ‘er, I promise. And I- I won’t forget you.”

Jenny stepped back to give Jamie the privacy he deserved to make his goodbyes. Her hearts were beating rapidly and she felt more alive than she ever had running. Jamie was going to come with her. She’d have her own proper companion to travel with - finally - and she didn’t have to say goodbye to the boy who saved her life.

Not yet. Not, she hoped, for a very long time. She still had a whole lot of running to do. Jamie took her hand and smiled shyly at her. She reset the vortex manipulator on the wrist strap and nodded. She still had a whole lot of running to do and now she wouldn’t have to do it alone.
25 April 2009 @ 05:48 pm
It's a complicated universe out there.
23 April 2009 @ 08:05 pm
Jenny turns around as she enters her ship, checking to see if Cavilo is still following. It's almost strange, not having Bart (or Edward or Alice) in the shuttle with her. Someone new instead - and it's been a while since she's really had a chance to show off.

Bart promised to take good care of Slowpoke when she left, all of a few minutes ago. Already she missed them both, but the promise of adventure is far too alluring for her to focus on it.

"Brilliant, isn't it?" she asks as she walks the short distance from entrance to cockpit. Over the months she's owned it, the number of possessions and photographs inside have racked up considerably. "I think it's the closest thing I have to a home. Aside from being with Jay in Milliways."
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Leave a comment and I will come up with your muse's and my muse's kid. I'm equal opportunity -- adoption counts just as much as organically produced babies (or even surrogacy!). Of course, this is just for fun's sake only, so none of these kids are actually binding to anything. If your muse is in a 'verse with mine, feel free to request a kid from that 'verse if you wish! (Again, the kid isn't binding to anything in those 'verses.)

Also applicable to my other pups who I wouldn't mind writing:
Chloe Sullivan ([ profile] torch_reporter)
Gavin Darklighter ([ profile] jawaswag)
George Lass ([ profile] toiletseatgir1)
Jaina Solo ([ profile] swordthatslices/[ profile] pocketjedi)/([ profile] jedipilot)
Sarah Jane Smith ([ profile] his_sarah_jane)
Sarah Walker ([ profile] ofmanynames)
Rosalie Hale ([ profile] wantingnormal)
Zekk ([ profile] jedizekk)
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He still hasn't learned.

The idiot.

12 April 2009 @ 06:03 pm
[It had been easy enough to get the TARDIS to drop her off on Spike's world. And, really, it hadn't surprised Jenny at all to find out he lived on Earth. A nice, different part of Earth than she had been to before, but Earth nonetheless.

So many people seemed to come from this planet in one universe or another. She wondered, vaguely, as she looked for Spike in the agreed upon meeting place, if anyone bothered to do a survey on the community to actually find out the number of parallel Earths in existence.

It was, at any rate, easier than thinking about her father's reaction if he knew she had snuck off like this.]

[ooc: I can't quite remember the last time I did a RL (if any), let alone a world hop, so please, if I've assumed anything wrong, let me know. Also, probably warning for the log of sexual situations.]
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Think I've even missed this place.
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So. Hi!

I live! I survived Singapore (which was amazing) and travelling halfway around the world and all of that.

Alas, my computer did not. Despite the fact it had been left at home for the trip. So, in a nutshell? I am way more scatterbrained than I intended to be coming back.

On the plus side, I'm not graduating until August, so that stress has died down.

Did I miss anything exciting while gone?

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16 March 2009 @ 09:40 am
As I am in Singapore for the next two weeks and also have a lot of stuff for my thesis due, too, this journal is going on hiatus until April 5.

Jenny will miss interacting with ya'll lots.
01 March 2009 @ 01:44 pm
When Bart's birthday first came around, Jenny didn't understand the significance of the day. Months later, she finally understood. The only problem was that his birthday fell on a day that only came around every four years on the Earth calendar. Absolutely stupid if you asked her, but there wasn't much she could do about it.

Except gently nudge Bart awake at 11:57 pm on February 28, quietly as to not wake Slowpoke in her crate. She had a gift, had a whole birthday planned. While he had slept, Jenny had decorated the room to something out of a Good Parenting magazine. She had obtained cake and champagne from Bar, now sitting on the desk in the room. A couple of wrapped gifts sat on the table next to them.

"Bart?" Jenny whispered, nudging again. "Bart?"
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1. One cryptic I may understand... but I may not.
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3. One random thing just off the top of your head.
4. One celebrity you hate to admit you are attracted to.
5. One celebrity you love to admit you are attracted to.
6. How old do you feel?
7. About how long have we known each other/known of each other?
8. And a hint as to who you are.

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