17 June 2009 @ 07:39 pm
The space station is far bigger than Jenny imagined it would be. So, after lunch, she's tugged Cavilo away from the canteen to explore.

Specifically, she has her eyes on the stands. It might be nice to bring home a small gift for Bart. For a change. However, it's a dog self-walker that's caught her attention.

"What do you think, Lara?" Jenny asks, looking at her companion. "Think Slowpoke might like it?"
23 April 2009 @ 08:05 pm
Jenny turns around as she enters her ship, checking to see if Cavilo is still following. It's almost strange, not having Bart (or Edward or Alice) in the shuttle with her. Someone new instead - and it's been a while since she's really had a chance to show off.

Bart promised to take good care of Slowpoke when she left, all of a few minutes ago. Already she missed them both, but the promise of adventure is far too alluring for her to focus on it.

"Brilliant, isn't it?" she asks as she walks the short distance from entrance to cockpit. Over the months she's owned it, the number of possessions and photographs inside have racked up considerably. "I think it's the closest thing I have to a home. Aside from being with Jay in Milliways."
01 March 2009 @ 01:44 pm
When Bart's birthday first came around, Jenny didn't understand the significance of the day. Months later, she finally understood. The only problem was that his birthday fell on a day that only came around every four years on the Earth calendar. Absolutely stupid if you asked her, but there wasn't much she could do about it.

Except gently nudge Bart awake at 11:57 pm on February 28, quietly as to not wake Slowpoke in her crate. She had a gift, had a whole birthday planned. While he had slept, Jenny had decorated the room to something out of a Good Parenting magazine. She had obtained cake and champagne from Bar, now sitting on the desk in the room. A couple of wrapped gifts sat on the table next to them.

"Bart?" Jenny whispered, nudging again. "Bart?"
06 February 2009 @ 03:23 pm
Quiz Me
Bart is my
precious honey

Get your sweetheart's pet name @ Quiz Me

It kept giving me things with honey in it. Bart's not honey - he's nothing like honey. I don't even like honey!

He's Speedy. Bart's my Speedy. I don't like that quiz.

My Valentinr - bitunlikely
18 December 2008 @ 05:49 pm
Do broken hearts ever completely heal?

She remembers reading once that the world ends not with a bang but with a whimper. For Jenny, her world ends with a death.

It happens fast, too fast, for her. They’re on Earth, of course, where else would they be for a crisis of these proportions to occur? Even with all of time and space at their fingertips, it always seems to be Earth.

Always, always, always.

Blasted League.

She holds him in her arms, vaguely aware of eight year old twins shouting for their father. It’s filed in the back of her mind, filed back with the war the soldier has just abandoned for the love of her life. He should just be collateral damage, even all these years later, that’s what a body in a field should be.

But he isn’t. He’s her husband, he’s the father of her children, he’s the man she absolutely loves without a doubt. Has loved for all these years. And he’s dying.

Not ready to say goodbye.

As the tears roll down her face, she presses a finger to Bart’s lips. He’s trying to talk, but each word is a struggle. Jenny presses her lips to his instead, sending a quiet message of love meant only for him.

Blasted Doomsday.

There are screams in her direction but she doesn’t hear them until the bullets hit. The world goes black as she falls on top of her husband’s corpse. But unlike him, she’ll wake up in Oliver Queen’s private clinic. Her hair will be black and her eyes a dark green, a body she’ll despise for years.

Because the world doesn’t end with a bang or a whimper.

It just ends.

Words: 279
Companion piece to this
14 December 2008 @ 04:33 pm
Prompt for Emmett and Alice (total 200 words):
While going shopping with Alice had been brilliant, watching the Cullens open the various Christmas gifts Jenny had purchased seemed even better. She leaned forward with enthusiasm clear on her face as Emmett opened the box that had been sitting beneath the tree mere seconds ago. Her smile grew as he pulled out a taut, stuffed brown bear wearing a baseball cap and tee. A certificate followed, stating name and date of birth.

Emmett gaped. Edward snickered. Esme laughed softly as Alice held out her hand for Rosalie to pay up. Carlisle just smiled warmly, watching Japser flash a worried look in his wife’s direction.

“T. Bear?”

“Teddy. Alice said that’s what the stuffed bears were called by children,” Jenny responded with absolute sincerity. “And Emmett T. Bear sounded better than Emmett Teddy Bear. You like it, don’t you?”

“You know it,” he answered, hesitating only momentarily. He held open his arms wide. “C’mere you.”

Jenny bounced up from her seat to hug Emmett without hesitation or heed for his marble body. Even though Alice had predicted this scene, it felt far better to see it played out for herself. Edward had been correct; betting on Alice meant betting right.

Prompt for Bart, Mistletoe (100 word)
“I don’t understand. That plant is poisonous to humans, Bart. It’s not even pretty!”

Bart rolled his eyes as he tucked the sprig of mistletoe behind Jenny’s ear. He looked at her, smugness on his face, and then shook his head. “Because.”


“Because,” he agreed. Before she could question him further, Bart placed a hand on her cheek and leaned in to kiss her soundly on the lips. “That’s why. Merry Christmas, Gorgeous.”

Even if she didn’t completely comprehend this explanation, Jenny smiled back and kissed him again. She giggled. “Like that reason. Merry Christmas to you, too, Speedy.”

Prompt for Gwen, 5th Regeneration (100 words):
She had absolutely no idea how she had arrived here. Seconds ago she had been on Quanco, ending a war between natives and settlers. All it had taken was one misstep and-

“Torchwood! Please step forward and-”

Gwen?” The disbelief sounded foreign even to Jenny’s own ears. Centuries and yet the voice remained familiar. Instinct to run, an instinct she hadn’t felt since her first body, flooded through her. This wasn’t right and yet, sure enough, “Oh, Gwen, it is you. Hullo, then. How many years has it been?”
“Do I know you?”

“Yeah. It’s me – Jenny. The Doctor’s daughter.”

Prompt for Jack, snuggling (100 words):
“He’s not coming back, is he?”

He shook his head before enveloping Jenny in a hug, as if it would make the tears falling down both their faces disappear.

“I am sorry, Jenny,” he whispered, resting his cheek on her head. “But he’s free now. And watch – if anyone will find a way to rescue us, it’ll be your dad.”

She wanted to, but she couldn’t believe him. Some subtle hint in his voice said he had been left behind before, too. Dad wouldn’t come back, no matter how much Jack held her. Or how much either of them hoped.

“R-rating” )
29 November 2008 @ 12:13 pm
It was a first for her, to remember to leave notes behind in Milliways. One to Bart to let him know she'd be back shortly (and with a gift for him), one to Teddy to tell him Bart would take care of whatever needs he may have while she was gone, and one to Edward in case Alice had failed to tell them where they had gone (which she doubted, but she thought Edward would still appreciate the maturity).

And that was that. The shuttle fridge was stocked with deer blood provided by Bar in case her guest got hungry. The interior itself was as neat as it would ever get; scattered with souvenirs of her travels. By the console were photographs: of Jenny and Bart mostly, although Alice would be able to recognise a certain bronze haired individual sitting next to the Gallifreyan in another.

She turned around as soon as there was space for Alice to fit in as well and smiled brightly. It felt good to escape, just for a while. Really good.

"Like it?" Jenny tilted her head, watching the vampire with curiosity. "Edward did. He liked flying her more than anything, I think."
26 October 2008 @ 09:21 pm
It had taken them some time to get Bart's hand on the mend. It hadn't taken nearly as much time to get back up to Jenny's room and to privacy. They had been quiet the entire time and the quietness seemed to persist as she closed the door behind her. She smiled weakly at Bart as she walked over to the bed and pulled off her boots.

"Um. Sex? Or talking?"
08 October 2008 @ 07:38 pm
She giggled as he carried her across the threshold of the suite, arms wrapped around his neck as he held her in his arms. The second the hotel door closed behind them, a strong breeze knocked the veil off her head as Bart ran them to the bed. Jenny’s laughter continued as he laid her down and before he had a chance to begin to undress her, she rolled to one side.

“Best idea ever, right? Mr Allen?”

Bart shrugged his way out of the suit jacket he had unwillingly found himself in earlier this afternoon. His eyes never left hers as he pursed his lips together thoughtfully. “You’ve had worse.”

“Say it?” Jenny scrambled into a sitting position, careful not to ruin the layers of white silk and satin of her dress as she did. They bunched up around her legs as she laughed; the champagne from the elopement ceremony had gone straight to her head. “Please, Bart? Won’t you?”

The serious look on his face only lasted for a second more before it melted into bright grin. “Mrs Allen. You’ve had worse ideas, Mrs Allen. At least this one won’t get us kil- oh shit.”

Her nose wrinkled in concern and she reached a hand out to pull him down on the bed with her. “Bart?”

“Ollie. Ollie and Clark.”

Oh. Oh shit was probably just about right in that context. She chewed on her bottom lip as she looked at him frankly, placing a hand on his thigh. They couldn’t worry about that, not yet anyway. Tuesday maybe, when they returned to Metropolis; then they could worry about Bart’s farmboy and millionaire self-named parents. Jenny wrinkled her nose and shook her head.

“I can ask them for your hand in marriage and then we can just surprise them?”

He laughed and shook his head. “You sure about that?”

“Well,” she answered slowly, tilting her head and glancing downward as his fingers played with the beaded embroidery lining the cut of her dress. “Well, probably not. But I don’t care because we’ve been dating for two years now, Speedy, and I love you and I know this is what I want. I want you to be a part of my life as long as possible and I’m tired of waiting.”

“Hey, I know.” Bart smiled back at her, looking almost a little embarrassed at the speech. “I… I love you too, Gorgeous. I wouldn’t have married you if I didn’t.” )
11 September 2008 @ 05:32 pm
Nothing was going like planned.

She knew that unpredictability was a reality of war, a reality of life really. But to see it happen with her own eyes was almost disheartening. General Zat had sound reasoning behind his infiltration of Skaronite. It was a part of a bigger plan they had developed alongside the New Thalian Council throughout the past week. General Zat wasn’t the only man growing tired of the war. There were those in power on both sides. President Dav the Third had agreed fully.

They would take Skaronite with help from inside forces. Those who still supported the war and sectioning of the planet’s people would be jailed and later tried. They would reunite the planet. Bloodlessly too, with little loss of life. It had been easier to convince the Council of that than Jenny thought.

That wasn’t what had happened, though. A spy in the Council had leaked word to Supreme General Fastif, the man who had placed himself in charge of the rebels – the purebloods as they went around calling themselves. Units had been placed at all the previously hidden entrances into the city. Rather than being the powerful force that would take Skaronite with one swift and easy blow, they had become something akin to lambs going to the slaughter. At least, that’s what Jenny thought the metaphor was.

It didn’t matter. No matter how many rounds she or anyone in her squadron fired, they were still outnumbered. According to Voule, it looked like Fastif had recalled all his troops home for this battle. With communicators jammed and the fight looking more and more hopeless, she sent her friend off to find General Zat and suggest a possible retreat. They needed to develop a new plan before any more lives were lost.

With a grim frown on her face, Jenny continued to shoot the Pureblood New Thalians convinced they were fighting for the proper cause – for extermination of anything remotely connected to the Daleks. It was a stupid cause, she thought again, not for the first time since General Zat had explained the war to Jenny. It was just as stupid as all those human prejudices against those different.

While she tried her best to aim for legs from behind the fallen tree that she and a few others were using for cover, sometimes Jenny missed. Dad might have claimed that she had a choice but in a time like this, she couldn’t believe that. Oh, she tried hard not to kill. And yet, Jenny knew that the majority of the death toll for the Purebloods fighting to defend the Eastern Exit was her fault.

Her squadron wasn’t that good.

And they were outnumbered with no orders yet to leave. She despised this. Instinct told her she couldn’t break her superior officer’s orders. Her inheritance told her to fight. But all she wanted to do was get the survivors to safety. Jenny wondered what her father would do in this situation. He’d have the solution. After all, he was a full trained Time Lord. She was just a Time Lady in training who had gotten in over her head.

Who now jumped at the slightest sound. The leaves rustled to her left and without thinking twice, Jenny turned, aimed, and began to fire a rapid round of ammunition towards the approaching soldier. It was only when the man fell, a look of surprise on his face and her name on his lips, did she realise who he was.

The battle was forgotten as she dropped her blaster to the ground and ran over to Voule. Tears blurred her vision as she picked him up and cradled him in her arms. Jenny gulped and stared down at him, unable to rationalize what had just happened. How could she have been so stupid? How could… oh, oh Rassilon!

“Jenny,” he choked out, smiling at her despite what had just happened. “Don’t… no retreat. No… not blaming.”

No. No, this couldn’t be happening! They could get away. The camp medic had seemed good enough. Jenny could find him and he could heal Voule and then she wouldn’t feel this horrible guilt welling up in her hearts.

“Good soldier. And… and cutest girl I’ve ever…”

Stop,” Jenny snapped. Tears were falling and for a moment, all she could see was her father’s own face peering down at her while he held her in his arms. She had been dying then but she had gotten a second chance. She had been born for second and third and fourth chances.

“Just stop. You need to hold on, Voule. I’ll get you to the medic, you’ll see. And then we’ll get out of here. I’ll take you travelling! Show you that there’s more to life than this and it’ll be great. We've got things to do, you and me."

Without realising, she had begun to echo the words her father had told her as she had died in his arms three months ago.

"Hey? Hey, Voule? We can go anywhere. Everywhere. You choose. It’s gonna be great. No, it’s gonna be more than great. It’s gonna be amazing. You hear me? Voule?”

His chest had stopped rising as she talked. While the silly grin was still on his face, that silly stupid grin that looked too much like Bart’s, the boy’s eyes had gone glassy and still. Voule had died in her arms and it was all her fault.

Suddenly, Jenny couldn’t take it. She couldn’t be here. Edward was wrong about her. She didn't hesitate. And now? Now, she needed to get away. A good soldier never abandoned her mates.

Gently placing Voule back on the ground, she ignored the shouts from the other boys. She ignored anything and everything as she ran, determined to make it back to her shuttle and away from all of this – off planet and across the galaxy. Or maybe even a new galaxy. Anywhere that wasn’t here, wasn’t New Thal or any other sort of paradise planet.

She ran.

In the end, Jenny knew that she wasn’t a good soldier after all.
10 September 2008 @ 11:42 pm
By day five, Voule’s squadron had become something Jenny believed that she could be proud of. It had taken much more work than she ever imagined any group of non-trainees would need but in the end, she decided it was worth it. No longer was Voule easily tackled; there were actual fights now when she tried to pin him to the ground. It made her happy and the way he smiled at her made her blush and long for someone planets away.

She supposed that she could really visit him if she really wanted to. After all, she only had to step through her shuttle door and more than often, Jenny appeared there. Then she could see Bart and maybe Donna and Edward and everyone else she loved there. Yet, something kept her on New Thal. Jenny suspected it had to do with finally being a part of an actual army, properly having her inheritance put to work.

Dad would be disappointed. And that was another reason to see this through – to prove to herself and to him that she could be as amazing as he claimed she would be when she was dying.

“You boys have become such soldiers,” she told Voule proudly on the fifth day after target practice. She eyed the various sheets, unable not to beam at the 90% kill rate. “This is great, Voule. We’ll present your accomplishments to General Zat and then we’ll go and deal with the Purebloodss and end this war for good.”

The dark haired teenager looked at Jenny with bright puppy eyes. He followed her around without hesitance, like a shadow she hadn’t asked for. “You really think so?”

“Yeah,” she answered, feeling a pang in her hearts at his smile. “I totally know so. Soldier, remember?”

Voule laughed, hesitantly reaching out for her hand. Jenny accepted it without thinking twice and swung their arms happily. It had felt good to have a friend here, even with his crush. “I don’t know what we would’ve done without you, Jenny. I think the General might even send us out on the mission to Skaronite.”

“You think so?”

“With your training?” Voule squeezed her hand as his smile brightened. It sort of reminded Jenny of her own smile, and the smile of someone she loved. “I totally know so.”

“Let’s go find General Zat and show off, then.” Jenny flashed Voule a challenging smile. “Last one there!”

She took off running. It was also strange, she noted, to know that this time she would win the race.
10 September 2008 @ 07:11 pm
It had started with Time War and the destruction of the Daleks. Jenny sat in the grotto, listening to General Zat with rapt attention. This was the war that her father had fought in. She knew that without a doubt. The words and the stories felt as familiar to her as her own memories. The awed whispers of Time Lords only confirmed such.

They also confirmed her silence.

While the majority of the people of New Thal (such as the camp she currently sat in) were neutral in opinion to the acts of the Oncoming Storm, she found out that some groups had become furious. And thus, when the Time War ended and word of such slowly spread across the universe, war eventually broke out on New Thal. It had been a simple enough of a cause: a fight among those with Kaled descent and those who considered themselves pure and free of the Dalek taint.

They had been late in discovering the truth about the Time War, late in discovering the strong truths some still held dear. But that had made no difference in the long run. The paradise planet still fell apart. They had been fighting ever since.

Jenny squirmed uncomfortably as General Zat lamented the loss of many generations. Peace had attempted to be wrought many times over the decades. Each plan had resulted in failure. Hardcore factions from either side would assassinate ambassadors. Troops would be captured during infiltration plans. Nothing would ever go right.

She couldn’t help but remember Messaline as the elderly man talked. Although they had no progenation machines and actually had villages and livelihoods and real families to protect, the concept was the same. Not everyone on New Thal was a soldier but soldiers were in high demand. Everyone on Messaline had been born a soldier. So not the same, but still. The differences weren’t enough.

General Zat didn’t even have to ask for her help before Jenny volunteered to fight. If the Cline-like-boy was anything to go by, Jenny was a far better soldier than any of them. She could save lives, she could make a difference.

And maybe she could even show them that there were alternatives to fighting, just like her father had shown her. This, Jenny knew without hesitation, was a Time Lady’s purpose. Forget what that silly book said, she was going to rescue this planet and save these people.

No matter how long it took.

“I know I look young, but it’s what I was born to do,” she explained to the general as she eyed the Thal she had captured during his attempt to capture her. “Peace is too important not to fight for. My- someone I know taught me that. There’s always a choice when it comes to killing. And I think we can end this war in such a way.”

In such a way that would make her father proud, she thought silently. Jenny held her blue eyed gaze firm as she studied the wrinkled face in front of her. Unlike General Cobb, this man was weary of war. He was probably a farm boy once, not someone ever meant to fight and kill. And yet, now, he was the best that New Thal offered.

General Zat looked amused. “Is that so, young one?”

Jenny,” she stressed. “It’s just Jenny right now, but yeah. It’s so so. Just watch. We’ll reunite New Thal and make this planet back into the paradise it once was. If it happened on the planet I was born on, it can happen anywhere.”

“Join Voule’s squad,” he answered, nodding to her soldier. Jenny could read the emotions in his face clearly: he had doubts, but he also had his hopes. And hope, she was learning, was a very powerful force. “Give the lad his blaster back, shape up his team into something respectable by the end of the week, and we’ll see.”

Jenny gave him a sharp nod and saluted. “Yes, sir.”
08 September 2008 @ 11:40 am
She had read a whole lot on New Thal before deciding to visit. Well, perhaps it wasn't what most people would consider 'a whole lot' but considering Jenny's penchant to just run off to a planet, she considered it a whole lot. It was apparently settled by the remnants of a long lost planet that sought to redeem its citizens. The paradise planet claimed to have lived in absolute peace and had since they left Skaros before, they claimed, the advent of the Daleks.

When Jenny had read both words which sitting in the cockpit of her shuttle and absently playing with the psychic paper, she had shivered unexpectedly. The words were foreign to her and yet, some part of her seemed to know them.

Overall, talk of sparkling beaches and diverse tidal pools and huge expanses had sounded more than promising. It sounded like a fun planet to check out, maybe even to take Bart to on a romantic getaway like she had read about in one of her Earth books. And then there was that nagging in the back of her head, the nagging voice that said she should avoid New Thal and anything with roots to Skaros at all cost.

Of course, that meant she had to go find out for herself.

Maybe the first clue that should have told the young and adventurous Gallifreyan that this wasn't the paradise planet she was looking for should have been the lack of a docking bay. But she had ignored such a fact. Clearly shuttles were just meant to land in the nearest rock cropping and blend in with the rest of the beautiful planet.

It had made sense then.

Perhaps the second clue ought to have been the ruined buildings she first came across as she made her way to the beach. They could have been gorgeous once: something resembling coral reefs washed ashore and the sparkling mountains in the distance. But there were holes where holes ought not to be now, large gaps of infrastructure missing and rubble everywhere. These weren’t hotels and spas for tourists.

It was a theme, quite clearly and these were hotels and spas for tourists! Jenny laughed, feeling herself quite clever as she figured it out. The idea of paradise lost almost seemed too perfect for this planet to be true. Her blue eyes sparkled as she ducked her head into one of the doorway like openings. Oh, Bart would love this.

“Hello?” Her voice echoed in the chamber. “Hello, I’d like to talk to someone about renting a room here!”


A hand covered her mouth as the voice hissed at her. With less than a second’s reaction time, Jenny reached for the stranger’s wrist and yanked his hand away from her mouth, flipping him on to the ground with a strength she didn’t realise she possessed. She straddled his back; pulling his arm tightly behind him and pressing his face to the ground (cheek down) with her other hand.

Jenny blinked a few times, looking down at the man. Even in the shadows of the building interior (which on second glance, really didn’t look like a themed hotel at all), he appeared rather young. She loosened her grip a little, feeling oddly guilty when fear flashed across the man’s face. He didn’t seem to be much older than Cline and, for a moment, Jenny wondered if she wandered to Messaline by accident. Would terraformation make it into a planet this pretty?

Just as she was about to question the man, he spoke. “We’ve gotta get out of here. I don’t know who you are, but the Kaled-sympathizers are coming and they’re going to kill us if they find us.”

A strange image of an old and wrinkled man in a hover chair with a blue sensor implanted to the middle of his forehead suddenly appeared in her mind when the soldier mentioned Kaleds. Jenny blinked in confusion, chewing on her lip as she tried to make sense of the image.

Please,” the man begged, interrupting Jenny from her quandary. “Please, I promise you won’t even be a Thal prisoner. We just need to get out of here before we’re caught.”

“Yeah, alright,” she finally answered, albeit a bit reluctantly. “But I get your weapon, got it?”
She had it all planned. Today was the day that Bart and Edward would finally meet. She had been so excited that Jenny was completely incapable of sleeping at all that night (hence disappearing out of Bart's room shortly after he had fallen asleep to work on final preparations).

But it was all ready now. A weather forecast for Milliways (provided by Bar) had helped her pick today. It was cloudy and overcast and generally gross out there, but perfect conditions to keep Edward from the sunlight and Jay dry. She had a blanket spread out by the pond Teja had told her about (more shade, just in case something went wrong with the weather).

And she had a picnic basket with enough food to feed a small army. Or one speedster.

Now she only needed her guests to arrive. As Jenny waited, she paced furiously. Someone was impatient today.
22 August 2008 @ 02:44 pm
"I think we'll start with Dagobah," Jenny told him as she walked towards the cockpit of her small shuttle. "According to my computer, it's a small swamp planet discovered a thousand years ago by a sect of Jedi who had broken away from the Second Great and Bountiful Human Empire after a deceleration decreeing all religions founded upon fictional works were null and void. There's not much there now. It's been abandoned... um, well, for a while."

She stopped by her chair, turning around to make sure that Edward had indeed followed her from Milliways.

Her shuttle wasn't much, Jenny knew, but she considered it her life. It was the only home she had (unless you counted the room in Milliways) and her only means of actually doing anything. Well, anything remotely interesting. Random knickknacks from various planets were scattered about the room, mostly concentrated away from the cockpit and in the back of the shuttle. A couple of photographs of herself and Bart were taped on to various walls. Her prized piece of psychic paper was lying underneath a stack of books.

It felt more like a home now than when she commandeered it from Messaline.

"Well?" Jenny slid into the pilot's seat and looked at him. "Whatcha think, Edward?"
15 August 2008 @ 08:02 pm
Look, look, look!

This is Bart Jay, my boyfriend from the end of the universe. Isn't he cute? We took this photo before the Judoon attacked on Umbeka, hence all the whiteness.

Snow's apparently not a good background :/

[ooc: image snatched from here and posted with permission. because [ profile] blinkandyoumiss's mun is awesome.]
09 August 2008 @ 12:42 am
Dad says it's Otherstide and since Otherstide is a Gallifreyan holiday that seems to involve gift giving and because Dad gave me the best gift ever, I think I should give all of the people that I care about gifts too!

It'll be fun!

And I think my very own TARDIS would approve. In 300 years or so. TARDIS! She's still just a small piece, but she's perfect.

Anyway! Gifts! Step right up and get 'em!

[ profile] andrewsmiller: It's a book on running. In case you ever think you can beat me at it!

[ profile] blinkandyoumiss: Sketch pad and a good set of drawing pencils. So you can keep up all those pretty doodles I really like. ♥

[ profile] broken_clock: Why a Daughter Needs a Dad. And celery, in case the one you wear ever wilts! Because you're brilliant and not nearly as strict as my other Dads. Love you!

[ profile] cantbewithhim: All the Places You'll Go! It looks like fun, and the pictures are pretty! Plus, it'll give you an idea about the adventures we can have.

[ profile] clever_wanderer: Why a Daughter Needs a Dad and this, because I read it and it's totally better than the version of Hamlet we saw! We should go see this one instead!

[ profile] handysparehand: A book on why I love you and a guide to backyard adventures so you can start having more fun on your Earth, Dad?

[ profile] im_with_genius: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Running Injury Free! Maybe you won't fall so much then, Rodney?

[ profile] interferes: Why a Daughter Needs a Dad. I would think answering all my questions would be one of those reasons. And I love it when you do.

[ profile] mycursedface: The Kama Sutra. It's really, really handy, Medusa! Really handy!

[ profile] not_from_mars: Because you're the best father in the whole galaxy. Except when it comes to boys. But you've been really good for the most part, and you gave me a place to live here and I love it. I love you, Dad. And this book, cause it reminded me of you.

[ profile] rude_not_ginger: Why you're brilliant and how to help you be even more brilliant!

[ profile] tastefulfashion: It's a journal. I know we all have one, but you seem to like to write and I thought maybe you'd like one not everyone can read?

[ profile] unearthlyxchild: I think pictures (photographs, right?) are supposed to mean a lot. So maybe you can take some of the family you still have and put it in here? Is this the proper sort of present for an aunt to give a niece?

[ profile] walkingthedust: You're the closest thing I'll ever have to one.
04 August 2008 @ 12:58 pm
Input on a surname for Jenny (Milliways verse) would be greatly appreciated!

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01 August 2008 @ 11:34 pm
What did it feel the first time you fell in love?

She thought that falling in love would be like what Spoon said. That the world would look grey and muted without him around. That it would mean she’d know she could live without that other person but she wouldn’t want to. That she’d grow her hair out and agree to vegetarian pizza and all of that stuff. It was the best description she ever had of love, one that came straight from a living, breathing person rather than a book.

And, at the very least, it had made as much sense as anything else she had been told about human relationships. This was to say, it made very little sense at all.

The first time Jenny fell in love there was no bursts of colours and sounds. There wasn’t any decision that she could live with or without him, there wasn’t any declarations of sacrifice. There was only exhilaration, pure and simple.

It reminded Jenny very much of the first time she ran, following after her Dad and Donna in the narrow corridors of Messaline while General Cobb and his troops chased after them. The rush and the freedom and the adrenaline pumping through her veins: that was what running was. And it turned out, that was what love was, too.

Love was their shared laughter as they ran together away from the face of danger. )
27 July 2008 @ 04:52 pm
[morning after this discussion]

She has been awake for hours by the time the sun begins to peak through the windows. As it turns out, humans require a lot more sleep than Timeladies. Which, if you asked Jenny, isn't such a bad thing. It has, in fact, given her ample time to instead think on their pre-sleeping activities as she found herself in and out of Bart's arms during the night. Her speedster's warm body made a much better blanket than the one he stole from her.

So: lots of time to think about human relationships and how fun sex actually did turn out to be fun, pesky rubber aside. Enough time even that Jenny has developed a conclusion: it happens to be almost - almost as amazing as running. At the very least, in her expert opinion, experimenting was good enough to try again.

But not now. Because now, she decides, with the sun up, it's an acceptable time to start poking Bart awake. Giggling, Jenny gently prods his stomach, watching him with happy eyes as his chest rises up and down.

Patience, clearly, is no where to be found in her psyche.