18 December 2008 @ 06:20 pm
So, here's the thing. For the first time since I've started role playing, I feel really dissatisfied with the journal name I've come up with. I've never considered purchasing a rename token before, but I think I may try to scrape together funds if I get any money for Christmas.

So far, I think, the one user name that's really hit me is toomuchlikehim. I don't know. I just think after playing Jenny, she is more than an anomaly. And I rather do like all the times she's equated with her father through out the episode. The contrast just interests me and, well, yeah. It fits her, especially when she gives her life for her father at the end.

But I'd like to see opinions, especially from those knowledgeable with the episode before I make a final decision on all this. Because $15 to me is a lot of money that I can better spend else where. But, yeah, the user name has really been getting to me.


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